Cathy L: “When I started training with Chris on the Starting Strength Program, I was a 55 year old woman with 2 hip replacements and dealing with kidney cancer.  I was from the old school, where I believed that only people who looked like the Incredible Hulk lifted weights.  After months of convincing from Chris, I took a chance and soon found out that the Starting Strength Program gives you what you need; physical strength for the real world.  With Chris’ knowledge and expertise in Starting Strength, I was able to increase my total workout weight 100 pounds in only 11 weeks, something that I thought was impossible.  But more importantly, I was able to survive the trying effects of cancer treatments thanks to my newfound strength. With this strength I was able to complete 13 out of 14 rounds of IL-2 (the average is 8).  In between rounds of treatments, I was required to get up and do laps around the hospital hallways to prove that I had to strength to go on with more treatments.  I believe that if I had not done Starting Strength in the 11 weeks leading up to my cancer treatments, I would not have had the strength to walk around the hospital hallways to keep up my vitals. In the end, my doctor said I was in the top 1% of people that complete these incredibly stressful treatments.  If it wasn’t for the barbell strength training that I did with Chris, I would have not been able to complete the stressful cancer treatments that I had to take in order to fight the disease.  In today’s longer living society, physical strength is very important as we become older.   It is never too late to become strong.  Doing Starting Strength with Chris helped me to become strong and when life threw me a lemon, I was strong enough to make lots and lots of lemonade. THANKS CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Autumn R: “One year ago today (Feb. 2015), I decided to humor myself and take Chris Lane up on his offer to join his small group barbell class. Up until that point, I had never really lifted anything over 35 lbs. Starting out as a 5 foot 2 inch 120 lb woman, I was super intimidated but I left my first training with new-found confidence after low-bar squatting 100lbs, overhead pressing 50lbs, deadlifting 135lbs, and bench pressing 70lbs. One year later, I am low-bar squatting 192.5lbs, overhead pressing 90lbs, deadlifting 250lbs, benching 125lbs, and I can also do unassisted chin ups (up to 9 reps). I am also getting ready to compete in my 1st Powerlifting Competition on April 16th, 2016. While it was me moving the bar, it would not have been possible without the dedicated coaching of Chris Lane, whose voice I hear in my sleep yelling, “knees out,” “hips,” “quick with your hips,” “latts,” and “back to me, back to me” 🙂 It also does not hurt that Chris Lane lets me eat cupcakes whenever I want to 🙂 I love cupcakes…..No cupcakes would have been deal breaker. If you are looking for a new approach to strength training, I would strongly encourage you to seek out Chris Lane who is one of less than 100 starting strength coaches in the world!!!!!!!”

Shiv and Sara: “My girlfriend and I had a coaching session with Chris Lane on Saturday and I want to say that he was bar none (no pun intended) the best trainer we’ve gotten to meet and work with. He spent way more time than he was obligated to and just made sure that any issues we had on all the SS lifts were addressed on top of answering any questions and helping with programming. I don’t know if you guys give out gold stars or some kind of barbell stickers to amazing coaches, but I hope Chris gets a bunch of them.”



Jono G: “Hi Beau, I just wanted to thank you for directing me to Chris the other week.  We got together last Saturday evening, and it was extremely beneficial – exactly what I was looking for. He made some adjustments to my form and weights and gave me a couple recommendations to my program that all made a lot of sense.  He also helped me with my nutrition, supplemental training and equipment questions – and anything else I had to ask. One of the things I valued the most was his positive attitude.  I’m not the most physically gifted person, and my coordination leaves a lot to be desired, but he was very encouraging of all of the strides I made during our time together and his expectations for what I can do now that we’ve got some resets in to my form and weight. You’ve got a great find in Chris – both as an ambassador for the gym and for the program.  Thanks again for facilitating our session.