Welcome to the official website of Lane Strength and Conditioning, a black iron gym located in Northern Anne Arundel County dedicated to personal training and strength coaching services!

LS&C offers barbell training based on the Starting Strength model, as taught by Mark Rippetoe.  Owner and Head Coach Chris Lane is a Starting Strength Coach (one of one hundred in the world) and is available to serve those in the greater Baltimore and Annapolis area.

What is Starting Strength?

To learn more about Starting Strength, please visit their Official Website and check out the About page.

Lane Strength and Conditioning offers training services for athletes of all skill levels; from novices to advanced trainees.  The age of the members of LS&C range from 13 years old to 60 years old.


Jacque, age 41, squatting 205lbs for a set of 4 reps


Markus, age 50, pressing 120lbs for 3 sets of 5 reps


Cathy, age 56, deadlifting 115lbs for a set of 5 reps